Sales People are the Voice of the Market

By | May 24, 2007

Today I finally truly understand why salespeople in the sales department are always in conflict with the marketers within the marketing department. It"s because one is out in the market and the latter is not. Sales people are the voice of the market, they are the one that truly understands what the market wants and needs. They are actively listening and have a full understanding of the market. It is this understanding that allows them to sell. In contrast, marketers are not out there. In many cases, they base their understanding from information gathered by their sales guys or from their market research team. When marketers truly think that they know the market inside out; no! often they are wrong. They only know from the outside. Put it this way, salespeople are the insiders and the marketing guys are the outsiders so to speak. Of course, I am not saying that marketers do not understand. All I am saying is that the really good marketers are the ones that listens and work together with their salespeople. It is those bad ones that will always have ever conflict because both do not think alike. Sales guys, don"t get too cocky just because you can sell. You still need the marketers to provide you the marketing ammunitions to help you do your job. At the end of the day, its about integration and collaboration of both expertise.

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