What are Heat Maps and should you really trust Heat Maps?

Ok, we (I mean all digital/online marketers at the very least) all know what Heat maps are and what it is used for. If you don’t, very simply Heat Maps shows you EXACTLY (really?) where people are (or not) clicking on your website. With this information, you can then: find the best position for your… Read More »

Search Marketing Attribution – % Of Non-Brand Keywords Drive Branded Keywords Conversions/Sales?

Over the years, there have been tons of articles or research regarding marketing attribution. The most common talked about are first click/interaction and last click/interaction. Some other attribution modeling includes ‘time decay’, ‘linear’ and ‘position based’. Google analytics list some of these examples: –> In the “Last Interaction” attribution model, the last touch point —… Read More »

What Is The Average Bounce Rate?

Many customers and people have asked me these questions before: “What is the average bounce rate of websites”? “Is my bounce rate good or bad”? In fact, I don’t really know what is the exact answer to the first question. First of all it really depends on what type of websites you have and the… Read More »

How To Grow Your Brand & Market Share

Marketers and CEOs, how do you grow your brand or your company”s market share & sales volume? A few years ago, I posted on my blog titled ‘what is your marketing iq?” which has all the answers. The answer is actually quite simple, so simple that most don”t know the answer. Most company would think… Read More »

10 Secrets Of The Stinking Rich

Wanna get stinkin rich? SmartCompany.com.au has an article today telling you the 10 ways to get dirty stinkin” rich by learning from the some of Australia”s richest entrepreneurs. SmartCompany is Australia”s online magazine for entrepreneurs & SMEs and it”s worth subscribing to their email newsletter.   Be prepared to work and work and work The… Read More »

Sales People are the Voice of the Market

Today I finally truly understand why salespeople in the sales department are always in conflict with the marketers within the marketing department. It”s because one is out in the market and the latter is not. Sales people are the voice of the market, they are the one that truly understands what the market wants and… Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The primary goal of any business is to make money and in today”s world, it is not just about making money and profits. More and more large organizations are beginning to understand that there needs to be a good balance of both evil and good. Evil in the sense of making money and good where… Read More »

Firing Your Clients

Recently, I had a client whom I had a number of times would like to say to him: “Sorry S…., I would like to stop doing business with you!” This is a client who constantly raise his voice at you and calls you every 30 mins. Calls you on the weekend and always says the… Read More »