How To Bullshit Your Brand!

By | June 15, 2016

BullshitOh man, I love this brand bullshit blogpost from Bob Hoffmans" The Ad Contrarian. This is so funny and it is not just bullshit but scientifically true and a hilarious follow up to my previous blog post of how to grow your brand & market share. Read some of the funny excerpts below:

“Okay, just for the record let"s state the obvious:

  • Yes, having a strong brand is very valuable.
  • Yes, the highest goal of advertising is to create a strong brand.

Now, let"s get to the bullshit

  • No, for the most part consumers are not in love with brands
  • No, consumers do not want want to have a conversation with your brand, or an “authentic relationship" with it, or co-create with it, or engage with it, or dance with it, or take a shower with it.

They want it to work well, taste good, be reasonably priced, and look pretty. End of story."

“I promise you, if Pepsi would disappear tomorrow, most Pepsi “loyalists" would switch over to Coke with very little psychological damage.

Nike devotees would throw on a pair of Adidas without having to enter rehab.

McDonald"s faithfuls would cheerfully eat a Whopper without the need for counseling.

In fact, according to Havas Media, “in Europe and the US, people would not care if 92% of brands disappeared.” And, to be perfectly honest here, I would not care if Havas Media disappeared. “

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