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How To Bullshit Your Brand!

Oh man, I love this brand bullshit blogpost from Bob Hoffmans” The Ad Contrarian. This is so funny and it is not just bullshit but scientifically true and a hilarious follow up to my previous blog post of how to grow your brand & market share. Read some of the funny excerpts below: “Okay, just… Read More »

Google Local Business Optimization – How to Increase your Google Local Business Results / Listings

Recently, I have been spending a lot of my time over the last few months, researching and experimenting, on how to get on the 1st page of the Google local business results. Many of my successful listings are through constant testing & experimentation. Google’s local business listings is a great opportunity to get yourself up… Read More »

Sales People are the Voice of the Market

Today I finally truly understand why salespeople in the sales department are always in conflict with the marketers within the marketing department. It”s because one is out in the market and the latter is not. Sales people are the voice of the market, they are the one that truly understands what the market wants and… Read More »

Firing Your Clients

Recently, I had a client whom I had a number of times would like to say to him: “Sorry S…., I would like to stop doing business with you!” This is a client who constantly raise his voice at you and calls you every 30 mins. Calls you on the weekend and always says the… Read More »