Understanding Consumer Needs

By | February 10, 2017

The marketing is a set of activities to meet the needs and desires of the markets but also individual customers. There are many definitions of marketing, but many of them take this into account. For example, Philip Kotler says that “marketing is a social and administrative process by which groups and individuals obtain what they need and desire through generating, exchanging and offering valuable products with their peers.

Types of Customer Needs

The needs may be related to the basic satisfactions, although they may also have to do with more specific satisfactions. Not all needs have to be the elementals for subsistence.

The needs can also be specific, unspecific and unrealizable. An example of concrete needs is if a person is thirsty you can give him drink, if he is hungry you can give him food, these are specific needs, while the abstract are for people with intangible desires. Such needs can be emotional such as happiness, love, affection, etc. People’s need for security is also an intangible desire. The unrealizable are those that are impossible to satisfy, such as immortality, superpowers, and others.

Concrete needs are the easiest to satisfy, while abstract can be offered through exclusivity and luxury. Insurance and third party warranty also satisfy people’s need for security by providing customers assurance that they will be taken care of in case something unfortunate happens to their health, job and property. Unrealizable ones are often related to pseudoscience and mysticism.

The Maslow pyramid also helps to understand the needs of the market because it deals with the basic psychology of human needs. Since it is a pyramid with a base of basic needs and will rise up to additional needs, it will be easier to understand or visualize the hierarchy of human necessities.

In order to satisfy the customers" needs, it is necessary to know the consumer"s behavior or their needs, so that studies must be carried out with this objective and the marketing strategies must be designed according to the objectives pursued, that is, Clients to achieve greater goals within the company.

The behavior of the customer, who consumes, buys or uses a product or service must be studied. A knowledge about consumer’s behavior is advantageous to any entrepreneurs because he knows what a customer is going to do, what he wants, what he needs, what he will buy, and what desire or need is not being satisfied. The consumer should be the most important point to consider in marketing strategies, knowing what to buy, who buys, how to buy, why to buy, when to buy, where to buy, how much to buy and how to use it. Based on this, the pertinent studies are made to know their specific needs and how to satisfy them.


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