Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Megaglobe - a new search engine

Search engine marketers, look out. There's a new international search engine that is going to be launched soon. It's call Megaglobe.

Megaglobe has developed the "Pay per valid click" technology and promise click fraud protection for its advertiser.

"After having advertised extensively on major search engines, I have personally experienced the scale of click fraud that occurs," says Naima Moore, CEO of Megaglobe. Megaglobe was born out of that experience, to offer advertisers the best value for their money.

Megaglobe will be Google's direct competitor, protecting its advertisers from fraudulent click frauds on their sponsored advertisements. Megaglobe will offer a revolutionary 0 per cent click fraud rate for sponsored ads. With click fraud accounting for at least 30% of all sponsored advertising costs, megaglobe's 0 click fraud promise will definitely be welcome by many advertisers. Advertisers will be able to verify clicks by comparing Megaglobe's online reporting with their own server logs. Megaglobe's sponsored listings will also be cheaper than Google adsense & Yahoo search marketing.

It also has its own unique ranking algorithm call "Megarank" and this ranking system evaluates the quality of a particular search result by analysing the quantity and quality of the pages that link to it. The search engine will also display relevant information about a web site without the user having to visit the site.


Alice Marker said...
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Alice Marker said...

It can bring the revolution in the world of search engines. Megaglobe is coming, but could it be able to give the strong bout to "Google" ? The empire of google is quite vast and strong, to give a strong competition is not an easy task to do....Nice post, nice update.
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Rajinder Singh said...

This is really great step...

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