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Introduction To The Importance Of Local SEO

As a small local business you”ve probably heard the phrase “local SEO,” or you”ve been told you “need to optimize your business listing for local search.” In return, you might have shown confusion in your eyes, or you have felt overwhelmed, wondering “what exactly is local SEO?, what is its difference from existing SEO efforts?… Read More »

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How To Identify Business Opportunities

If there is one aspect that defines the entrepreneur, be it the brave who is mounting a startup or the one who launches new lines of business in a consolidated company, it is his ability to identify new business opportunities and above all, to go further and get To work to take advantage of them… Read More »

PPC Services Bring More Visitors To Your Website

Digital marketing is becoming the most used method nowadays of business owners due to the success it brings to a company. It has turned in as the most cost efficient and most efficient strategy to market. Digital Marketing is different from conventional advertising. Attached to digital marketing are the used of videos. Video promotion is… Read More »

Understanding Consumer Needs

The marketing is a set of activities to meet the needs and desires of the markets but also individual customers. There are many definitions of marketing, but many of them take this into account. For example, Philip Kotler says that “marketing is a social and administrative process by which groups and individuals obtain what they… Read More »

How To Create Market Demands

No matter how big the consumer consumption, the gaps remain that separate what consumers really want from the goods and services that they receive. Such gaps represent opportunities for the creation of new demand. Good businessmen are creators of demand. They reimagine the reality and then rework it. The result of that process is that… Read More »

Customer Personas Is Just A Waste Of Time And Money

There are a lot of talks and hypes about customer personas for marketing and business but personally, I have never been a fan of it because I don’t think it helps to grow a brand and my or any other business. You spend hell a lot of time, resources and money into market research, customer… Read More »

How To Bullshit Your Brand!

Oh man, I love this brand bullshit blogpost from Bob Hoffmans” The Ad Contrarian. This is so funny and it is not just bullshit but scientifically true and a hilarious follow up to my previous blog post of how to grow your brand & market share. Read some of the funny excerpts below: “Okay, just… Read More »

Future of Retail – Free Shipping No. 1 Incentive To Shop Online More

If you are an online retailer, you should definitely download and read this report from WalkerSands Communication”s Reinventing Retail: Four Predictions for 2016 and Beyond. Here I thought are some key points: Nine out of 10 of the survey participants said free shipping was the No. 1 incentive when asked what would make them shop… Read More »

How Many Times Should I Call To Get The Sale?

An interesting research I found – extract from ‘Cold Calling Success -15 Tactics for Getting the Appointment By Victor Antonio” National Sales Executive Association Survey 2% of sales are made on the 1st call 3% of sales are made on the 2nd call 5% of sales are made on the 3rd call 10% of sales… Read More »